March 2-4, 2006 — DFW Marriott North — Dallas, TX  
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A career's worth of success tactics packed into an intensive three-day interactive workshop. You will learn the missing links that keep you from the success you desire. You will gain the structure, systems and financial advisor best practices to:
  • Gain an unlimited flow of prospects (not the chronic shortage you tolerate now)

  • Have a booked-solid appointment calendar from your winning financial advisor marketing plan

  • Utilize CEO-level time management, practice management and delegation to cut your hours at work

  • Have the financial advisor business plan to attract wealthier clients that make larger financial commitments

  • Earn more income per client (so you can have fewer clients and less work)

  • Get far greater enjoyment of your work

  • Grow your business EVEN with stringent compliance

  • Create a mountain of residual income (so you can kick back as you age)

  • Hire the best assistants (and get them to do the grunt work)

  • Provide financial insight and not merely information (be the valued advisor)

  • Be seen as a financial professional and not merely a product provider

  financial advisor training program "Larry Klein knows how to make marketing look easy. With Larry's system how can you do anything but succeed?"
—Roger S., Sacramento, CA
  sales training "Larry Klein is the consummate Marketing Guru!"
—Elke M., Huntington Station, NY
  financial advisor seminars "I've been in this industry and I can honestly say I wish I had met Larry 30 years ago. This information is invaluable for your future success on the fast track."
—Pete B., St. Petersburg, FL
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"In just 3 days, you can gain the marketing, sales and practice management training that most financial planners and advisors never get—directly from someone who has already made all of the "mistakes" and gain the business plan, the marketing plan and the financial advisor best practices that assure your success."


Financial success for most advisors is an illusion…

85% of financial advisors wash out in the first four years, with few reaching the $100,000 annual income level and fewer still earning $250,000 annually. This program builds your income to $500,000 annually and beyond. The bootcamp provides what most every advisor lacks—the marketing expertise to have week after week chock full of appointments. This is the culmination of twenty years of research of financial advisors success—the latest techniques and processes for making your business super successful and easy.

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financial advisor marketing plan
 What You'll Learn:  

The Structure of Advice

> Commission vs. Fees - how to win with either system

> Why you must charge some fees, but not because they’re “better”

> Be the comprehensive advisor (or see how to build a network of colleagues)

Think Like a Top Producer

> Eliminate your sub-conscious scarcity issues

> Serve the prospect’s agenda (95% of advisors serve their own agenda)

> How to make every client worth at least $5,000 in earnings

> Build the business that creates residuals

> Some people get it, some don't - don't chase prospects yet earn more!

> Employ leverage in your business

> 7 habits of highly successful advisors

Technical Financial Issues:

> How to read a tax return

> Major Issues in Financial Advising that take you into the big leagues

> Make every client feel good with their investments and insurance

Best Practices

> Use the same building blocks with every client (and save mountains of time)

> Employ the financial advisor marketing plan that attracts homogeneous clients

insurance agent marketing

Do What Other Advisors Don't Do: How to Set Yourself Apart

> Specialize

> Cultivate client and professional referrals like you’ve never been taught

Client Retention: More Than Just the Annual Review

> Be their document depository and tie them to you for life

> Regular reviews-how to conduct them for profit and lifetime relationship

> Get every client on a structured system

> Use a client satisfaction survey to surpass their expectations


> PR - How to generate free attention for your business

> How to write a press release and get it noticed

> Get other businesses to send you new clients

> Financial Advisor Seminars

> Marketing Clinic-individual advisor's business analyzed

> Direct Mail that works like a slot machine

> Pre-approach-how to gain credibility before you meet the prospect

> Referrals-how to have them deliver 50% of your new business

> Marketing training you've never had to create a blockbuster financial advisor marketing plan

from the Front Lines

"I will conservatively earn $400-500k my 1st 12 months using your systems. The best part is I work within ten miles of my home. Thanks Larry for shortening my learning curve from five years down to five months."
Steve H.,
Phoenix, AZ

"I can't tell you how incredibly effective your input has been in my practice. I don't give accolades unless they are earned and yours are the most earned ever."
Hal R.,
Jacksonville, FL

"We have completely transformed my business structure, and the day-to-day operations of our business. We went from having '0' assets under management in January 2000 to a little over $20 Million today (Nov. 2002). Thank you."
Kevin S.,
Lakewood, CO

financial advisor best practices

Your tuition includes:

> 3 days of unparalleled instruction: sales training, marketing training, the marketing plan you need, income leverage through practice management

> 200+ pages of indexed reference notes, chock full of letters and templates that you'll refer to often in your career

> Continental breakfast, buffet lunch and two refreshment/snack breaks each day

> Free evening networking roundtable where you'll swap "best practices" with other attendees

> Attendee roster to facilitate networking after the bootcamp

> Opportunity to submit your biggest challenges to have them solved during the bootcamp

> Free group coaching sessions 30 and 60 days after the bootcamp to insure profitable implementation of what you learn

> Free copy of "How to Be a Million Dollar Producer" by Larry Klein

> 20% discount on second attendee from your same business address

Benefits of Attending:
  • You'll be busier than ever in a good way-more opportunities for business in a day than you now have in a week.

  • Reduced distractions-you'll focus on the only three activities that matter.

  • You operate as a CEO of a thriving business-not a worker bee.

  • Disorganization and long "to do" lists are replaced with high leverage activities that you accomplish daily.

  • You replace low level unproductive activity with high leverage efforts that pay you several hundred dollars an hour.

  • Uncertainty and reaction are replaced with purposeful focus, working your plan and pro-action.

  • Drudgery is replaced with energy and empowerment to expand as more things go "right" than wrong.

This is an incredible value that will raise the trajectory of your career and earnings forever! Register now.

Drill Sergeant  
Larry Kein

Larry Klein, CPA/PFS®, became successful relatively rapidly and earned six figures his first year and then achieved the million dollar production mark nine years into his career. On seeing the number of in-office appointments Larry had each day, one of the advisors in his office asked, “Did you high-jack a bus of seniors on their way to an outing?” Larry, a Harvard MBA, author of four books and designer the Certified Retirement Financial Advisor™ Training and the Ultimate Marketing Bootcamp, has

uncovered the secrets to inexpensive guerilla marketing for financial advisors who want to excel and become wealthy rather than struggle. Nearly 20,000 advisors use his marketing tactics, including financial advisors of all types: comprehensive financial planners, registered investment advisors, life insurance agents, CPAs and fee-only financial planners.

Larry charges companies $5,500 to give a 90 minute presentation. He works with top advisors for $450 an hour. So to get three days of his time would cost you a bundle...But you can get three complete days of training, 20 years of experience, and step by step “how to do it right ” for a small investment of $1,995, an investment that will pay big dividends day after day for the rest of your career.

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